Witches Night Out in Kimmswick MO


No more tickets will be issued at the door or prior to the event. 

WNO FAQs: The Bewitching Hour Nears-Things to know before putting on your pointy hat!

Check In


Q: What time should we plan to arrive?     
A: Plan to arrive no earlier than 2:00 pm. The Event starts at 3:00.

Q: Can we check in early on Friday like past years? 
A: No. Sorry, no early check-ins this year.

Q: What time is check in? 
A: Check in will be open at Windsor High School from 2:00-7:00 pm.

Q: Where do we check in for Witches Night?
A: All Witches will need to check in at Windsor High School. Safe Parking will be provided at the High School and a shuttle bus will fly you and your party to Kimmswick, where your Fun Girl’s Night Out begins.

Q: What do I need to bring to check in?
A: Your Barcoded ticket (either a paper copy or on your phone).Please note: We are utilizing a new ticket system this year and suggest using caution if purchasing tickets from an outside source. We do not recommend purchasing tickets from outside sources/scalpers as you’re taking a chance that the ticket is counterfeit and the bar code will not scan, therefore not allowing you entry into the event. If you do decide to buy tickets from a scalper, the Better Business Bureau recommends not paying until you know the tickets are legit.

Q: Does my entire group need to be together for check-in? 
A: It’s preferred, but not necessary. Your ticket is only good for the amount of tickets you purchased.

Q:  Where should we park?  
A:  Windsor High School Only. Windsor High School is located off of Hwy 61/67 just south of the Hwy K entrance to Kimmswick. Watch for the signs. See map in left column, or click here.

Q: After we check in then what?  
A: You will board the shuttle bus and be flown into town.

Q: I heard there is a going to be a shuttle service. How does that work? 
A: Once checked in, board the shuttle buses – buses will also be available to take you to and from your vehicles. Shuttle buses will run continuously throughout the event.

Q: Do you offer Handicapped Parking?  
A: Yes, Handicap parking is at Windsor Elementary School. You will need a handicap plate or Handicap visor tag to gain access to this parking.

Contest Information

Q: What about the CONTEST?  We want to Enter! 
A: Great! We want you to Enter too! We can’t wait to see your creative, scary, and beautiful Witch Costumes!  All Witches that want to participate in the Contest should make sure they Stop at  the Apple Butter Pavilion and “strut their stuff “in front of the Panel of Contest Judges!  Judges will be on duty from 3-7 pm!

Q: I hear there is a new and improved way to be entered in the Contest finale, please explain! 
A:  There is!  Click here for all the details and rules for the contest!

Event Info
Q: When does the event begin? 
A: 3:00 pm

Q: Will there be a Photographer on site?  
A: Yes, John Moore Photography is our official event photographer. When you see him be sure to strike a pose- photos will be available to purchase on his website!  Also keep an eye open for “Flipping Good Times” – they do a cool twist on photo flip books you’ll need to see!

Q: What else do we need to know before we arrive?
A: That should be it!  Be sure to Have a Great time and Drink responsibily.



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